Private Residence

A gorgeously renovated home in Los Altos Hills, California. Although beautiful, the dining room was bereft of personality.


I love the peaceful color of the room and the elegant chair fabric and wanted to make a piece that would harmonize with them. Luckily there was already sufficient lighting in place.

After I created several options, my client and I settled on a grouping of three-dimensional, abstract floral components in a variety of colors that would compliment the rest of the room.

First few components…


Once I finished all the glass components, I made paper cutouts resembling each. We spent a good deal of time arranging and re-arranging the paper cut outs until we were happy. One by one, we replaced the paper with the glass pieces.

Su Lee 2.jpg

Last details and the finished piece. I love the shadows!


“Cynthia’s Garden”

Before. We tried sitting a few of my glass sculptures in the space to see how they would look. Tiny!

house 3.jpg

My client Cynthia had a new home, new garden with a pond, one of her children was marrying - lots of “new” in her life. I designed a piece that would reflect growth and change.

It consists of seven glass trellises with botanical elements that can all be rearranged. I made a maquette of the piece.

maquette 2 cropped.jpg

We installed three panels first, then one per month until all seven were complete. Here is a studio photograph of the first three panels. The pieces show very well with the dark backdrop and careful studio lighting. All my photography is done by Keay Edwards in San Jose, CA.

Cynthia's Garden first 3 panels.jpg

Some of the challenges included figuring out how to install the trellises, cover two large plug outlets, light the piece and minimize the cords. To avoid damaging the existing wood, I made a base piece of wood to install on, with holes for the trellis supports and an inlaid strip of LED lights. I made specially fit glass components to cover the outlets.


My husband Brent helped with engineering and installing. It took a few hours to complete.

installation 1.jpg

“Cynthia’s Garden” completed.

_MG_1909 copy.jpg
_MG_1927 copy.jpg


After conversations about their life, ambitions, aesthetics, interests and hobbies, I created this piece for a couple in Colorado who grow a variety of tomatoes and peppers each summer. All the fruits and leaves are glass, installed on painted steel vines.


I shared lots of in progress photos along the way.


We installed together. My clients said it was like Christmas unwrapping all the glass pieces.


Happy clients, happy artist!